High quality preserved flowers and greenery


Preserved flowers and foliage are natural materials selected and cut at the peak of blooming beauty. By an innovative technique, developed and perfected by a company in France in the late 1980's, a preserving liquid mix containing the chemical gylcerine is introduced to the natural product. The natural plant's sap is then gradually replaced, causing the flower or plant to maintain its original, 'fresh-cut' state.

After going through this "preserving" process, flowers and other foliage remain soft and keep their colors brilliant for many years. The flowers keep that 'just-cut' texture and color without any maintenance (no water or light required).

Preserved flowers can be used in gift arrangements, table and wall arrangements, bouquets in offices, restaurants - almost any kind of situation where flowers are appropriate.

Product benefits:

All our products are 100% natural.
They do not require any special care.
They are an extremely value for money investment due to their long life.
Thanks to the efficient use of a natural product.
Non toxic
No toxic agents are used in the preserving process.
Our products maintain their natural appearance over many years.

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Preserved Flowers and Greenery
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